Why Choose CRS?

Concrete Repair Specialist at work

Why should you choose CRS for concrete repair and decorative work? Knowledge, experience, and continuous training are what sets Concrete Repair Specialists apart from the other concrete repairmen.  We have the qualifications, training and experience.

  • CRS uses the latest technology
  • CRS uses the latest products
  • CRS has and maintains the best skill set

Concrete Repair Specialists is located in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh and serves the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. We specialize in commercial and residential repairs including:

  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Concrete restoration
  • Concrete wall repairs
  • Concrete ceiling repairs
  • Concrete floor repairs
  • Concrete foundation repairs
  • Concrete sidewalk repairs
  • Concrete driveway repairs
Concrete Repair Part II: Surface Preparation, Reinforcement Repair, Material Selection and Placement Techniques
Repairing Concrete Cracks
Overlay & Vertical Training
Concrete Repair Part IV: Structural Repairs and Strengthening Techniques
Concrete Repair Part III: Protection and Waterproofing Systems
Concrete Repair Part I: Evaluation and Repair Strategies
Underlayments and Toppings
ICRI Slab Moisture Testing Technician - Grade 1