Stamped Concrete

Textured Concrete

Decorative, textured concrete overlays can add beauty and drama to

  • concrete floors
  • sidewalks
  • driveways

and other horizontal surfaces bringing character to common areas that merely provide access.   Texturing techniques can also be used to add beauty to vertical surfaces too.  Walls and other vertical surfaces inside or outside your business or home can all be designed using this technique to ehance elements like

  • fireplaces
  • bathrooms (such as shower stalls)
  • privacy walls
  • retaining walls

Decorative concrete in shower stall

Shower stall with stained and stamped decorative concrete

Modern overlay materials are formulated to go on without sagging, so they can be enhanced with:

  • Rock textures
  • Wood-grain patterns
  • Grout joints

Decorative concrete techniques can be used to create carved or imprinted designs created with tools that permit even more specialized designs such as:

  • Special stencils or patterns
  • Texturing skins
  • Sculpting tools

Concrete Repair Specialists is located just north of Pittsburgh and we serve the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. To learn more about how you can use decorative concrete in your business or home, contact us today.

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