Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete wall stamping
Examples of decorative concrete wall/vertical stamping

Decorative Concrete Stamping and Texturing

Decorative concrete stamping can add beauty and drama to concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways and other horizontal surfaces.  Did you know stamping and texturing techniques can be used to beautify vertical surfaces as well?  Walls and other Vertical surfaces inside or outside your business or home can all be designed using this technique.  Have you considered adding decorative concrete to architectural elements such as fireplaces, bathrooms, privacy walls, or retaining walls?

Decorative concrete in shower stall
Shower stall with stained and stamped decorative concrete

Overlay materials are formulated to go on without sagging, so they can be enhanced with:

  • Rock textures
  • Wood-grain patterns
  • Grout joints
  • Carved or imprinted designs created with
    • Special stamps, stencils or patterns
    • Texturing skins
    • Sculpting tools
muli-color, decroative concrete floor overlay
Example of multi-color epoxy floor coating

Vertical overlays can be colored and stained to simulate the appearance of natural stone, brick or other wall materials.  Hand-carved vertical overlays are one of the newest trends in decorative concrete.  Customers appreciate having a unique design that is cost effective and offers endless varieties of textures.

Decorative Concrete Overlays and Coatings

Polymer overlays and coatings are an increasingly popular method of adding a decorative element to concrete.   Particularly popular on garage floors, these can be used to beautify any concrete floor and include:

  • Concrete dyes and acid staining
  • Terrazzo epoxy coatings. These coatings can be colored or may include materials such as marble/granite chips, recycled glass, or mother of pearl.
  • Metallic epoxy coatings.

Decorative concrete is increasingly appearing in interior design creating beautiful but durable flooring options, wall treatments, and even bathroom designs.

Concrete Repair Specialists is located just north of Pittsburgh and we serve the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. To learn more about how you can use decorative concrete in your business or home, contact us today.

Examples of our decorative concrete work

Decorative Coating Samples
Retaining Wall
Patio, repair and decorative finish
Front Entry Porch
Back Patio and Walkway
Floor Metallic Blue Coating
Floor, repair and decorative finish
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