Commercial Concrete Repair

Do you own or manage, residential or office buildings, industrial facilities, or retail stores? Are you a city/borough manager? If concrete defects are not promptly and correctly repaired, you can face significant loss of building value, increased repair costs, or the unnecessary cost of total replacement. Being proactive with commercial concrete evaluations, repairs, and enhancements can lower your maintenance costs and enhance the value of your property if the correct work is made early.

The following are commercial concrete structures Concrete Repair Specialists work on:

  • Elevator shafts
  • Tunnels (utility, pathway, etc.)
  • Waste water treatment tanks
  • Sewer & manholes
  • Water tanks
  • Poured concrete wall cracks
  • Floor / wall intersections
  • Bulkheads
  • Foundation cracks and leaks
  • Brick and concrete sealing
Cracked floor injection repair in a factory
Structural Injection Concrete Repair
Repairing concrete ceiling

Decorative Options for Commercial Concrete

We re-coated this portable pizza oven to improve its appearance and should improve sales!

In addition to our concrete repair work we also provide decorative concrete work for non-residential clients.   Increasingly popular are decorative applications which can make commercial and governmental locations more attractive and easier to maintain.  There are two primary ways we can beautify concrete:

  • Stamping and Texturing such as rock, stone textures, wood-grain patterns, grout joints, stamps or customized stencils
  • Overlays and Coatings including: concrete dyes and stains, coatings, metallic epoxy coatings and urethanes.

Location and Service Area

We are located just north of Pittsburgh and serve the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Additional Examples of Our Commercial Concrete Work

Concrete Step and Ramp Repair
Floor, repair and decorative finish
Sidewalk Repair
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