How to save Money

Everyone wants to save money. Benjamin Franklin used to say “a penny saved is a penny earned.” While repairing concrete is expensive after the fact repairs and/or replacing it is even more costly.

concrete bridge damageBridges are important. They can get folks to places, including your business front door. In addition to providing access they are part of the landscape your clients see when they are at your business. Keeping structural elements in good repair gives clients an idea about how your view your business and the pride you take in all of its related elements.

This customer’s bridge has enough severe damage that a full replacement is needed. A little pro-active maintenance by a professional concrete company, not a general handyman, could have saved this customer over $40,000.

professional grade concrete repairLeaking ground water into one man hole cost this township $14,000 each year to treat! The proactive repair, using a professional-grade Seal Boss product cost less then $4,000.

CRS PGH can complete any job you may have, such as working 28 ft below ground, with purified air, in confined spaces.