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Concrete is commonly used a a building material for many residences and business. Instead of leaving it plain, why not beautify by adding design elements like textures or color?  Modern concrete techniques make it possible to add:

  • Stamping and Texturing such as rock,stone textures, wood-grain patterns, stamps or customized stencils
  • Color in the form of dyes/stains and even coatings to overlay material; and metallic, epoxy coatings urethane coatings.

Concrete Repair Specialists, located just north of Pittsburgh serves the Western Pennsylvania area and Ohio. To learn more about how you can use decorative concrete in your business or home visit our decorative site or contact us today.

Overlays, Dyes and Stains

Overlays, Dyes & Stains

Modern technology has made it possible to give concrete a stunning array of colors and finishes, to help concrete be part of the design or a signature elements of your home or business.

Stamped Overlays

Stamped Overlays

Decorative concrete can add beauty to any surface. Stamping, texturing, overlays, and stains can improve the look of sidewalks, floors, walls, fireplaces, patios both inside and outside of your home or business.

Why Choose Decorative Concrete Pgh?

Why Choose Us?

Knowledge, experience and continuous training are what sets Concrete Repair Specialists apart from the other concrete repairmen. We have the qualifications, training and experience.

Visit our Decorative Concrete Pittsburgh site to learn more about how to use decorative concrete at your home or business.
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