Concrete Replacement

Do you have concrete that needs to be replaced due to damage or age? In addition to repairing concrete, Concrete Repair Services, serves as a contractor for concrete replacement of existing structures.  We work on both residential concrete and commercial concrete projects such as:

Outside Projects

  • pool enhancements like grottos, slides, or waterfalls
  • retaining or boundary walls
  • rustic finishes for man caves
  • decorative patios with naturalist finishes
  • decorative boulders, columns, tree stumps
  • outdoor kitchens
  • columns or fountains
  • mailbox enclosures
  • patios with many of these elements combined
  • sidewalks
  • steps

Inside Projects

  • floors
  • bathrooms, including shower stalls
  • fireplaces
  • accent walls
  • wine cellars
  • man caves

Concrete Designs that are Durable and Beautiful

Concrete Colors

When replacing existing concrete  or building new concrete project at your business or residence, we can make sure the structure is beautiful and durable by adding a wide range  of concrete epoxy coatings, dyes, and stains to your project.  Concrete dyes are either sprinkled on top of freshly poured concrete or mixed into concrete before it is pored. For those seeking a more modern look, we also offer epoxy coatings with a metallic finish.

Textured Concrete

As part of your concrete replacement we can add a stamped design (and the colors needed) to mimic the look of natural materials such as stone, slate or wood. Looking for brick work instead?  We can design your project so it looks like brick with brick patterns that include both color and mortar joints.  Either option will be durable, easier to maintain, and potentially less expensive than the originally materials.

Outside Concrete Steps Replacement

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Concrete Repair Services is located in Freedom, (15042) Pennsylvania. We serve as a contractor for concrete replacement, new concrete structures, and concrete repair services for both commercial and concrete clients. Our primary service area of Southwestern Pennsylvania, but we also serve north-eastern Ohio. To learn more about adding new concrete elements to your business or home, contact us today.
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