Concrete Injection Repairs

Concrete Repair Specialists performing concrete injection repairs

The professionals at Concrete Repair Specialists uses a pressurized injection of polyurethane to repair concrete cracks. Injection repairs allow us to fill cracks with a very high rate of efficiency but requires trained staff who can control the flow of liquid to make sure that cracks are filled completely but too much pressure doesn’t lead to the creation of more, micro cracks.  Depending on the type of crack we use different materials.  For water infiltration repairs we use poly foam injections and for structural repairs, epoxy.

Concrete is used in many elements of today buildings in addition to infrastructure elements such as potable water systems, water treatment facilities and sewage plants.  Cracks in concrete can occur  in any of these structures from a variety of causes including:

  • Basement Wall Cracks.  Cracks in basement walls can be caused by the settling of the foundation, natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, freeze thaw cycles, and soil pressures.
  • Concrete Floor Cracks, Indoor.  Floors inside a structure such as a garage, basement or barn happen because of concrete shrinkage, poorly mixed materials, improper installation or a combination of all three factors.  These cracks should be fixed for more than simple cosmetics since they can seep water and permit soil gases like radon to seep in.
  • Concrete Slab Cracks.  Outdoor slab (flat surfaces) such as driveways, patios, sidewalks crack for similar reasons to indoor floors.   These cracks can also be cause d by poorly installed bases and tree roots.
CRS truck on site for injection repairs
Concrete Repair Specialists on site at a Water Treatment Plant

In addition to the common crack issues listed above, narrow cracks can become wider and the control joints in large flat concrete areas can breakdown.  Concrete Repair Specialists can solve these concrete crack problems with pressurized injection repairs,  too.

In addition to using pressurized injection repairs materials properly, it is vital that the cause of concrete cracks be correctly identified so they don’t recur.

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