Concrete Repair Options

There are many options for concrete repair.  How should the best concrete repair procedure be chosen?

  1. Investigate the cracks
  2. Identify the cause of the concrete crack
  3. Establish the repair objectives.

Concrete Repair Specialists are located just north of Pittsburgh and serves the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. To learn more about how we can help you determine the best way to repair the concrete at your business or home, contact us today.

Once the cause of a concrete crack is identified there are a variety of options for repairing concrete, depending on the status of the crack.

Repair Method Active Cracks Dormant Cracks Integrity Repair Crack Sealing
Epoxy Injection
Routing and Sealing
Stiching and Doweling
Gravity Filling
Polyurethane Injection
Dry Packing
Overlay and
Surface Treatments
Autogenous Healing

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is very porous which means it absorbs liquids in small amounts on the surface. Concrete is a very useful material but it is vulnerable to damage

  • by mother nature especially from temperature fluctuations
  • solvent spills such as acids, etc.

Sealing concrete not only increases its strength but also its longevity.  Concrete sealing is very important in the northeastern area of the United States due to the high use of deicing agents during the winter months.  Sealing is the only protection against spalling of concrete surfaces. When hiring a concrete sealing specialist confirm that they have tested your finished concrete to determine whether it needs sealing.

Contact Concrete Repair Specialists to find out how our products and services differ from those sold at big box stores and other products on the market. Our products and services will add many years of protection to your concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Injection Repair
(Vertical and Horizontal)

This method can be used to repair concrete cracks as narrow as 0.002 inch. The method generally consists of drilling holes at close intervals along the cracks, in some cases installing entry ports, and injecting the epoxy under pressure. For massive structures, an alternative procedure consists of drilling a series of holes, usually 7/8 in. in diameter, that intercept the crack at a number of locations. Typically, holes are spaced at 5-ft intervals.

Carbon Fibers Repairs
Routing and Sealing

Concrete repair and structural repair or reinforcement of other concrete and masonry structures can now be achieved much more cost effectively in far less time than traditional methods allow.  Space age material carbon fiber is used to reinforce concrete and other masonry structures. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and is corrosion resistant. Concrete Repair Specialists use this method to

  • increase the strength of under-designed structures
  • repair damaged structures.

Polyureas and Polyurethane Repairs

Concrete Repair Specialists use Polyurea products which include pure aromatic, pure aliphatic, and hybrid formulations.   These products are high performance polyureas, specifically designed to protect polyurethane foam, steel, wood and concrete against the harsh effects of:

  • moisture
  • abrasion
  • corrosion
  • ultraviolet
  • foreign object impact

Their physical properties are characterized by

  • high tensile strength
  • high elongation
  • outstanding chemical and solvent resistance.

They provide unsurpassed durability to the harshest environments and can easily withstand temperatures between -60º F and greater than 400º F.  These products can be applied in subzero temperatures. These are excellent for concrete repair providing high-strength waterproofing while acting as a vapor barrier.


Installation of Concrete Overlayment

Cement-based overlays offer a lot of value for rejuvenating worn or existing concrete. Although there are many types to choose from, they offer similar performance benefits. Each type has its own characteristics and most efficient uses for specific surfaces.

Chimney Cap Repairs and Sealing

Over time severe weather and water will deteriorate your chimney’s crown (cap) and can lead to costly chimney repairs. Concrete Repair Specialists will repair and then seal your chimney’s cap so your masonry will withstand many, many years of wind, rain, snow and fluctuations in temperature.

Brick and Stone Densification

Brick and stone densification is the stabilization and consolidation of porous brick, natural stone, unglazed terra cotta, cast stone and architectural concrete.  Masonry damaged by abrasive cleaning methods, masonry suffering from erosion, and surfaces that have begun to lose their surface integrity can often be restored using a masonry consolident.

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