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Concrete can be beautiful.

Decorative concrete is growing in popularity  and can add beauty and drama to many concrete surfaces.  Techniques include:

  • stamping and texturing to add texture or mimic natural materials like stone or wood.
  • color overlays and stains, from a simple stain to metallic overlays

Have you considered adding decorative concrete to any of the surfaces at your home or business:

  • Horizontal: floors, patios, patios, sidewalks
  • Vertical: fireplaces, bathrooms, privacy walls, or retaining walls.

Concrete Cracks, that is a fact.

With so many options, how do you choose the best crack repair procedure? To get the best result contact Concrete Repair Specialists

  • investigate the cracks
  • establish the repair objectives
  • select the best repair method

Concrete Repair Specialists are here to troubleshoot and repair all your concrete problems. This includes side walks, driveways interior floors, vertical walls, manholes, water culverts and more. If left alone concrete problems can grow to where the concrete can no longer be repaired and total replacement will be needed.

Your Concrete Repair Specialists

Concrete is used as material for many residences and business both indoors and outside.  Why not make it a beautiful?  Concrete Repair Specialists is a concrete contractor who provides decorative and repair services to Pittsburgh, the North Hills, and the surrounding area of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Professional Concrete Contractor

We are here to make your concrete beautiful.  CRSPGH does it all, whether it is adding a decorative color overlaytexture or simply repairing existing concrete problems.

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